In-Building Solutions

Traditionally, telecommunication networks worldwide have been an outdoor network dominated eco-system, in common terms, coined as Macro networks. In-Building Solution s or IBS, were always considered as “Special Projects” and given secondary or in many cases, tertiary significance. But that trend has changed! As the focus grows from Voice to Data around the globe, it has been observed over the last few years by leading telecommunication players, that 80-90% of the data is being consumed by customers is indoors, and suddenly IBS has become the buzzword, and it is here to stay.

Be it the age-old Distributed Antenna System (DAS), Active or Passive, or the new kid on the block, Small Cells, IBS has many variants. Micratel, as a forward thinking and adaptive wireless technology facilitator, has a strong and strategic hold on this niche domain. Right from design to build to O&M, Micratel is well positioned to help and support its customers with efficient and cutting-edge solutions to exceed their targets, and customer satisfaction index. Micratel also has the acumen to help its customers with out-of-the-box consultancy services along with our regular services.

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