About Micratel


Micratel is an innovative wireless communication company with a plethora of fresh ideas to transform the network service capabilities of top tier players and stakeholders in today’s global telecommunication ecosystem. Our mantra is to add flexibility and agility to our customer’s business ideas and make them reduce their operational expenditure with the help of our next generation solutions and business models.

With a collective experience of over 40 years in our management team, in setting up and managing complex telecommunication networks, Micratel is a one-stop-shop for all communication network requirements. Right from providing design services, road-map entry strategies, network monitoring capabilities, and much more, we cater to myriad domains like hospitality, transportation, retail, enterprise, smart cities etc.

Why Micratel?

In striving to be a one-stop solution provider for Cellular, Wi-Fi, Public Safety and Network Monitoring design and consultancy services, Micratel is all set to bring in the design revolution in today’s ever-growing communication world. With experienced professionals who form the core team of our organization, we have the capability of handling your project life-cycle from end-to- end, while considering multi-technology and multi-operators scenarios as well. With the help of precise design tools, effective and experienced field personnel, and industry leaders in senior management positions, Micratel has the ability to reduce your go-to- market time, and ensuring a cost effective deployment. Happy customers lead to a successful and growing business, and we, at Micratel, are devoted to be as customer focussed as we can be. Understanding the pain points of our clients, helping them make a good technological solution choice, and delivering professional and precise solutions are the pillars on which we have built ourselves. So, please connect with us for all your communication network design needs, and we will ensure a satisfying experience for you.